Unfortunately, Gus Malzahn is still the head coach of the Auburn Tigers.

Gus Malzahn is an average to below-average coach with a high school offense. Despite good recruiting, he has routinely failed to develop talent and deliver results. Players, especially skill position players, have routinely regressed under Gus Malzahn in subsequent seasons. His only success has come from transfers and inherited talent; his two best seasons at Auburn (2013 and 2017) have come with transfers at quarterback.

Gus Malzahn's failure to develop talent has lead to an increasing lack of depth. Gus has had six years to recruit the players he needs and develop them to be what he needs them to be. He hasn't done it, plain and simple, and there is no reason to believe that is going to change. All the while, since 2014, every Gus Malzahn season at Auburn has had at least four losses.

Gus Malzahn has had six years to deliver results and has not done so. Auburn continues to fall further behind the rest of the SEC and her traditional rivals, and further into mediocrity. And yet, somehow, Gus Malzahn is the 5th highest paid coach in all of college football?

High school coach. High school offense. High school results.

Don't believe us? Look at the numbers.

Gus Malzahn: By The Numbers

As of Friday, December 28th, 2018, Gus Malzahn is:

Under Gus Malzahn's new contract, signed at the end of the 2017 season, every loss during the 2018 season costs Auburn $558,000. [11] Auburn paid Gus Malzahn $2.79 million and counting for games lost during the 2018 season.

Since the "Kick Six" victory in the 2013 Iron Bowl, Malzahn is 25-25 against Power 5 opponents. [10]

Gus Malzahn is a combined 6-13 against Alabama, Georgia and LSU. He has yet to win a road game against any of them.

Auburn has a 21-19 record in SEC games [since 2014] including 1-4 against Bama, 1-5 against Georgia and 2-3 against LSU. [12]

  1. Three straight losses 2014-2016.
  2. Three straight losses 2014-2016. Two straight losses, 2017-Present.
  3. 2016 win came as time expired.
  4. 2017 blew a 20 point lead to an LSU team that lost to Troy State and MSU.
  5. 2013 blew a 18 point lead with the National Championship on the line.
  6. Lost SEC championship game in 2017 7-28.
  7. Lost Peach Bowl to UCF 27-34. Last loss to a non-major conference team was 1991 vs. Southern Miss. (2007 loss to South Florida is often mentioned here - South Florida was a member of the Big East, which, at the time, was considered a major conference.)
  8. 2018 blew an 11 point halftime lead. Did not score a single point in the second half.
  9. Malzahn's contract pays him $6.7 million in 2018.
  10. Tennessee was 3-2 coming into the 2018 game, with a 0-11 SEC record. Last loss to Tennessee 1999, last loss to Tennessee at home 1998. Tennessee finished the season 5-7.

Should these be the numbers of the 5th highest paid coach in college football?

* For the purposes of record keeping, "Power 5" and "major conference" should be read in the context of the year. Under the old BCS system, these would have been the automatic qualifying conferences. For example, the 2007 loss to South Florida counts as a major conference loss because South Florida was a member of the Big East at the time which was an automatic qualifying conference under the BCS, even though currently South Florida is not considered a Power 5 program.

What They're Saying

Changing coordinators is not the answer. Sweeping the deck chairs off the Titanic doesn’t solve the problem. You’re still going to hit the iceberg, and I think Auburn is heading for an iceberg.
- Paul Finebaum
Gus Malzahn let his team down.

Auburn had a chance, at least on paper, to make a game of it. Malzahn lit that paper on fire and threw it in the trash can.
. - Barrett Sallee
There aren't any more excuses left for the $49-million coach. Apart from a fortunate national championship run in 2013, Malzahn simply hasn't gotten the job done. ... Six years as a head coach is more than enough time to build your program. Malzahn is in his sixth year and looks as lost as ever. ... Malzahn has shown over and over again that he will not adjust, and he will not give up on his failing offensive system. ... It's time to give up on Gus Malzahn.
- Sumner Martin
This contract that Auburn signed with Gus Malzahn has the potential to be the worst contract ever signed in college football history.
- Clay Travis
His problem is self-evident: the fans don't like him. They have no faith in him. They're not eager to support him, and I really don't know where this program goes now. Gus Malzahn doesn't have a plan moving forward. The plan was exactly what we witnessed on Saturday afternoon against a run-of-the-mill SEC program in Tennessee.
- Paul Finebaum
Somebody at Auburn needs to insist that he make changes or leave on his own accord ... if Malzahn refuses to learn and refuses to change, then make him answer to somebody.

Any coach worthy of a $50 million contract ought to be able to devise a plan for his quarterback to be more successful.
- Guerry Clegg
It's clear that halfway through the 2018 season, Auburn just isn't a good football team. Gus Malzahn has serious questions to answer about why his team is 4-3. The locker room is reportedly not in a good place, and neither is the on-field product.
- Richard Johnson
32 million, need I remind you, for a coach that has gone just 37-22 at Auburn with a 1-3 bowl record since he lost to Florida State in the national championship game. Getting to a national championship should get Malzahn the heaps of praise he deserves, but since then, he's been an average to below-average coach in the SEC.
- Mike Luciano
The man charged with leading Auburn's program for the next seven years for $49 million has gone from knocking off a top-10 team in Week 1 to losing to a Tennessee team that was on an 11-game losing streak in the SEC.
It's Malzahn's job to get this team focused and make sure each unit has a great game plan in all three phases. The Tigers did not do that last week under Malzahn.
- Brandon Marcello
It's not just that the Tigers are so bad they are now the worst team in the Southeastern Conference. That would be disastrous. This is so much worse.

Auburn is stuck with a coach the fans don't want, and the players don't play for.
One thing is for sure. The fleecing of Auburn has begun. Auburn is the most disappointing team in the country this season.
The defense was one of the best in the country to begin the season. It all but quit on Malzahn in the fourth quarter.

There is something much worse than anger in Auburn these days. Anger can be channeled. Apathy can set programs back for years.
- Joseph Goodman
Auburn overbilled itself this season, and probably overpaid its coach, too.
- Joseph Goodman
Under Malzahn, Auburn finds itself stuck in a no-man's land somewhere just north of mediocrity but well south of excellence.
- Kevin Scarbinksy
Auburn fans have to take a long look at this program and ponder the question, "Who is Gus Malzahn and what is this program all about? Is he a coach that caught lightning in a bottle in 2013, with two of the most miraculous come from behind wins in history or is he just an average, middle of the road coach who can get you to 10 wins every once in awhile but is most likely going to get you to eight?"
- Paul Finebaum
By blowing a 20-point lead at LSU, Gus Malzahn confirmed what's been strongly suspected the past three seasons - he has little chance to lead the Tigers back into an SEC contender. Auburn has two home games left in which they'll definitely be underdogs, Alabama and Georgia. Those programs have emerged as the class of the SEC, an echelon that the Tigers don't look capable of returning to under Malzahn.
- Pete Thamel
Somehow, someway something has to change. There has to be vision and commitment to excellence. Anyone who isn't willing to put the well-being of the program ahead of their own desires, even their own job security, doesn't need to be part of the process.
- Phillip Marshall
But as we were reminded so painfully in Baton Rouge, Malzahn is long gone. "Gus Malzahn" is here instead, indistinguishable from a two dozen other spread-to-run coaches spread across the Power 5 landscape save for his remarkable defense, outstanding recruiting, and ability to bludgeon lesser teams into submission.

Those things would be more than enough at some programs. But they're not enough at Auburn. They're not why Malzahn was hired.
- Jerry Hinnen

We are tired of losing.

We are tired of hearing about great practices.

We are tired of being told that "the future is bright" or "next year."

We are tired of excuses.

#FireGus #FireGusMalzahn

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Auburn deserves better.

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